Thursday, August 23, 2012

2008 Domaines Schlumberger Pinot Blanc

I was first struck with the color of Domaines Schlumberger's Pinot Blanc.  My wine journal  is so full of descriptions of "straw" coloring that it was with great delight that I enscribed the word "gold".  Aromas were fruity and, as the wine opened, distinctly melon.

Domaines Schlumberger's Pinot Blanc is most enjoyed when savored thoughtfully.  Upon tasting, I first noticed the acidity, which quickly gave way to a modicum of fruit, followed by unmistakeable creaminess.  The creaminess fleshed out, and I was dazzled with hazelnut in a heavenly blend that paralleled a silky dessert.

Comparing notes with my boyfriend, I was pleased to learn that we shared the same experience!  We felt the wine evolved through three distinct phases as you tasted it.  Only, he experienced the triumvirate in reverse order: creamy, fruity, and crisp.  And sans hazelnut.

What we did agree on fully, however, was what a great wine this Pinot Blanc was.  He described it as having, "The nose of a Riesling, the start of a Chardonnay, and the finish of a Pinot Gris."

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