Saturday, July 28, 2012

Redwood Creek Pinot Noir: A discount wine

The aromas begin simple, fruity, and unremarkable.  Then, after vigorous swirling, they open.  Wafts of sumptuous plum and the promise of spice tantalize my senses.

Maybe this won't be so terrible.

The first sip.  It tastes unfamiliar at first.  Something I can't identify immediately--something new.  I allow the wine to caress my tongue, arousing all my taste buds as I investigate the flavors.  What could that be?

I swallow, finding myself setting my face into a grimace that I haven't summoned since childhood during a bad case of streptococcus.

Oh, that's it.  Cough syrup.

My only conclusion is that the Pinot Noir of 2010 was so uninspiring that it was necessary to add ample sugar to distract the taster.  Not unlike your favorite Nyquil vintage.

On the other hand, Redwood Creek's Pinot Noir at least conforms with a certain consistency I have come to expect from the California-reds section of my local liquor store.  And to be fair, there is certainly room in any market for a low-end product.  However, if you're looking for the next step up from this Pinot Noir, I might recommend Franzia boxed wine.

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